What is "The Regenaissance"?

The regenaissance is a renaissance of regenenerative activity on planet earth. For millions of years, nature's systems operated though a system of self regeneration which created the thriving garden of eden we knew as our world during the Holocene. Unfortunately humanity has lost sight of nature's wisdom and technology. We've built our world on a paradigm of extraction and degeneration which now threatens to destabalize our civilization. Much like the People of Europe during the original renaissance, we must return to the knowledge and techniques of the past in order to return to a period of prosperity. The difference will be that this time we aren't returning to the wisodm of our recent past, but rather to the much more ancient wisdom of the entire regenerative biosphere. In doing so we can transform humanity into a regenerative keystone species that will restore and improve the planet's health and biodiversity to levels before now unseen. We have the oppourtunity through modern technology, synthetic biology, design science, and systems thinking to make humanity a massive environmental contributor to the planet's future. We have the chance to transform the meaning of the anthropocene from the negative epoch of death and degeneration we presently imagine it to be, into a period of unprecedented growth and prosperity for humanity and all life. We will build it on the generalized principles that have fueled the success of life and the universe itself. Comprehensive big picture thinking will be key. The regenaissance will be the next great chapter in human history.

The Regenaissance Human

During the Renaissance, a new cattegory of person emerged known as "the renaissance man"

These people were comprehensively educated accross a wide range of subject areas including art, technology, mathematics, science, and literature. Perhaps leonardo Da Vinci was the best example. This comprehensive education and inolvement allowed these people to make extrordinary contributions to society because they were not siloed into specific fields of thinking. Their work was interdiciplenary and the things they built happended because of the synergy of thinking that's enable when you've had access to a comprehensive education. These are the kind of people who will drive the regenaissance. Today it's no suprise that people like Neri Oxman are reffered to as being modern day Da Vincis. These people think comprehensively, and presently their work is involved with inherently regenerative strategies including building things from living organisms and reimaging ecosystems with humanity as an integrated part.

Regenaissance Humanism

Humanism was a core component of the original renaissance. Humanism was based on study of earlier greek and roman texts. This was viewed as a way to break free from medival thinking and think differently about the world at present. This was also about borrowing from the ancient greek and roman past to reform the "modern period". We can view the texts of the natural world including systems, feedback loops, DNA, and eternal resource flow as being the regenaissance counterpart to this notion. Humanism during the reniassance also followed the core belief that god had given humanity the ability to act and take advantage of options and potential. Human beings were powerful and capable of much. During the dawning regenaissance, humanity will take on the same approach. As we have been central to the planet's ecological undoing, we must also take an active role in rebuilding the world we depend on. We have the technology, ability, knowledge, and option to transform our world and regenerate the planet. This is the century where we're going to get things turned around.

What is Regenaissance?

Regenaissance is a new organization we're in the process of getting off the ground. We aim to operate as a not for profit. We plan to be involved with online and in-person education, design science activities, documentary film making, publishing, governance, regenerative agriculture, and technological/ ecological innovation.

Possible Alternate Logo

The logo for Regenaissance will be based off of Da Vinci's Vitruvian man. It could either take the form of a the planet earth embeded behined man within the circle component of the iconic image, or it could be a leaf taking the aproximate form of Davanci's human within the iconic circle and square.